Dear Members and Friends of Christ Central Presbyterian,

As we announced last Sunday as well as by letter, Christ Central Presbyterian Church will resume in-person worship this Sunday, May 10 as our first step in reopening the church. As we suggested before, since everyone has a different comfort level about gathering together and when to do so, we do not want anyone to feel compelled to come at this point. We will continue to record the service on YouTube (see below). However, for those who are ready to gather again, this message is to follow up on some of the details.

Worship Logistics

Additional Hygienic Concerns

For Those Who Stay Home

For those who choose not to attend just yet, we plan to live-stream the service at our YouTube location: Christ Central Presbyterian Church channel on YouTube (or enter “Christ Central Presbyterian Church” in the search bar from the main YouTube page). Click on “Videos” and follow the “Live” link. We will post a video shortly after the conclusion of the service.

As a reminder, all other church activities (including choir) are suspended through May 31. A few Bible studies will continue online (look for separate announcements or contact the church office at [email protected] or 813-774-3881).

We are looking forward to this Sunday and hope to see as many of you as possible as we worship our God together as a church family for the first time since March.

Your Servants in Christ,

The Session of Christ Central Presbyterian