What to Expect


What to Expect During Worship

We invite you to come worship the Triune God with us at Christ Central! Worshiping God is what we were created for and is truly the highlight of our week as we gather together to lift up our voices in praise and to hear God's word read and proclaimed. Our worship liturgy at Christ Central may be different from what you have experienced in the past, perhaps a bit more formal. For that reason (if you are trying us out), we request that you commit to at least seven Sundays. It takes time to learn the flow of our worship liturgy, to see:

  • how it's both governed by and saturated with the Word of God
  • how it's rooted in the creeds and liturgy of the ancient church
  • how it addresses the mind, the will, and emotions
  • how it's participatory, demanding the involvement and appropriate response of the worshiper.

We believe when you take the time to learn the rhythm and purpose of our liturgy, you will better experience the beauty, richness, depth, and joy of meeting with God as his gathered people to worship, as we remember the finished work of redemption that Jesus accomplished on the cross.

Why A Formal Liturgy?

Every church has a liturgy. Some may be more casual. Others may be more formal. But every church follows a liturgy. The word liturgy comes from the Greek leitourgia, which means work of the people. Therefore, our worship together is participatory, rather than a spectator event. In worship we acknowledge that God does not exist for our sake, but we exist for His sake. Our goal is ascribing to God the glory due His name. Worship is also a dialogue. It is a conversation between God and His people. He talks to us through his Word, then we respond back through prayer, praise, declaration of faith, confession, giving and commitment. For this reason, we believe a formal liturgy, with a prominence of congregational participation, better emphasizes the work of the people. This prepares worshipers to render simple, spiritual, substantial, and authentic worship with reverence and awe and in spirit and truth, wherein the transcendent and imminent Triune God is experienced by the worshiper in every part of his/her being.

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  • Bible Study 9:30
  • Coffee & Conversation 10:30
  • Worship 11:00 - and on YouTube